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This forum thread needs a solution.

Unable to Import Dashlane Passwords into NIS: Error "Unable to Process File for Import"

I am not new to Norton Security but am trying Norton Identity Safe for the first time.  Running an HP laptop with i7 processor and Win10 (up to date), with Chrome as my browser.  NIS has been added to Chrome as an extension and it is enabled. I have carefully read other posts on the forums about this problem, and tried to follow the advice given.

I have been using Dashlane as my password manager, but thought to try NIS.  However, no matter how carefully I format the csv file that was exported from Dashlane, NIS throws the "unable to process file for import" error every time.

So I entered some passwords manually into NIS, then exported the vault to a .csv file to assure that my format was correct.  I added one new password to the file in the exact same format as those exported.  Still, the app threw an "unable to process" error.  I have attached an image of that csv file to this post, with the passwords blurred out.

I don't understand what I am doing wrong, but something is clearly not right here.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Unable to Import Dashlane Passwords into NIS: Error "Unable to Process File for Import"

Can you try it without the: ?cookie_detect=1

I tried Dashline years ago but I don't remember too much how it worked.  However with Norton Identity safe and "LastPass", I can have them both running at the same time and click though the list in one password manager, (the website logon page would come up populated) and then when entering the logon the other password manager would ask if I wanted to save it.

It didn't take too long, I may have been easily able to do a hundred or so sites fairly quickly.

I also thought someone posted instructions here on importing the sites between a few different programs into and out of Norton Identity safe.


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