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This forum thread needs a solution.

Unable to log into Norton Identity safe

A week or so ago after a LiveUpdate, I am no longer able to access my Norton account online or my identity safe vault via the computer or PC (this includes any PC anywhere.)  This has happened before and a new LiveUpdate eventually fixes it.  I can usually access my vault online, but this time I can't even do that.  It can find my Norton online account by my email, but it says the password is incorrect, which it is not.  I know the password is correct because I have the Norton Android app installed on my Samsung Note and it still works fine with my regular account user name, password and vault password.  Thank heaven I exported all my identity safe information before the update.  

I contacted support, they told me to make a new vault which would delete all my information, which I told them I would not do, since I know what caused the problem in the first place.

Is anyone else having this issue?  I'm SO done with Norton, time to move on.