Unable to Redirect via email Link.

Email arrives on my PC with link to an application, but nothing happens.  Screen just spins it's wheel.    Norton HELP is still spinning while "redirecting" to Support.  My iPhone help suggested Power Eraser might clear things up by erasing an attachment to my browser, but did not explain who to use it after i had downloaded it.


Accepted Solution

Re: Unable to Redirect via email Link.

If you already clicked on the link in your browser, it is already too late to be removing the link.

Start by running a full system scan with your 360 product. Then you can run a Power Eraser scan. But be careful, as it is an aggressive scanner that can be prone to false positives. Also it would be wise to check back here before allowing Power Eraser to delete anything. Deleting the wrong file can leave your system unbootable.

I would also suggest you scan using the FREE version of Malwarebytes. You can find it here

If all these scans come up clean, you should be OK.

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