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Unable to renew subscription

I've been attempting for several days not to complete a renewal of my subscription, and as of today, am at 0 days left. Each time I attempt to renew, I select the 1-year renewal option, fill in the required info and select the paypal option. It takes me to the next screen and gives me the whole dialogue about completing the purchase on the paypal website, but when I click next, it always bounces back and says:

"We apologize, but there was a problem processing your payment. Don't worry, you haven't been charged for this transaction.

Please try your purchase again."

And, of course, trying again is equally fruitless. What the heck do I need to do to make this work? I've tried logged in, logged out, through my product interface, through the website interface, etc - It seems I have problems every time renewal time comes around, but this is the first time I've seen Norton flatout refuse to process a payment.

Interestingly, however, it WILL proceed to paypal just fine if I choose the more expensive upgrade that covers 4 additional devices that I don't have and adds a bunch of services that I don't need and won't ever use. 

I'm about to call it quits and go with a different antivirus provider, because something here always seems to be broken. Last time I tried to renew, I was told that my product didn't exist anymore after I'd already paid for it, and now I seem to be being refused unless I spend more money. I'm not interested in upgrading; I want to renew what I already have. 

Attached is a screenshot of my renewal options; I'm trying to choose the leftmost option for 1 year. 

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Re: Unable to renew subscription

Have you tried Customer Support?  They are pretty good at dealing with account issues.


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Re: Unable to renew subscription

Tried customer support. Their answer was basically 'don't know, can't help you, just give us your credit card number.' Rep didn't even bother asking any questions to clarify the problem; first attempted to pawn me off on paypal (after it was clearly stated that the Norton website wouldn't even connect to paypal to check out) and then straight from there to 'give us your CC info instead.' Such a shame. If a website can't even process a payment through the paypal link (unless, of course, you're paying more for an upgrade), I'm certainly not going to put my CC info in directly. If this is the sort of thing that's going to happen every time I try to renew, then I'm not going to bother with Norton anymore. The combination of broken website and poor service are unforgivable.


Re: Unable to renew subscription


I don't use PayPal, but I have heard that it was spun off from eBay. Perhaps there is a problem now with PayPal. Have you tried paying for the lower priced item with your credit card?  If the purchase goes thru that way, after you see that the renewal is in your Norton account, then you can delete the credit card information from your Account.  Would that work as a way of getting your Norton product?


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Re: Unable to renew subscription

I don't trust Norton with my CC info, as I've already stated. Norton has proven its self unreliable to me repeatedly, and I use paypal for a reason. I've already uninstalled and moved on to Avast- this thread can be closed. 

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