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Unable to sign into Plex Media Server

I am attempting to run Plex Media Server, however, I cannot sign in. I know that my username and passwords are correct. I suspect that Norton is the problem, but cannot resolve the problem.



Re: Unable to sign into Plex Media Server


Have you checked if the Server shows up in your Firewall? Please check Support for that Server.


If it doesn't show up in Firewall, then please try to find out the ports that need to be open for that system to work.


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Re: Unable to sign into Plex Media Server

You can check to see if Norton's firewall is causing issues by temporarily disabling it. Right click on the Norton icon in your System Tray. Then click Disable Smart Firewall. Choose the time you need to test and then test to see if you can access the Plex server.

If you still have problems connecting, Norton would not seem to be involved.

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Re: Unable to sign into Plex Media Server

The server does show up and disabling the firewall and any protection does not resolve the problem. Therefore, I can presume that Norton is not the problem. Thanks for your help.


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