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Unable to use WAZE on iphone when Norton is installed

I use Waze on a daily basis on my iphone ( ios 14.6 ) but after installing Norton Waze is unable to communicate with its servers so I lose the benefits of the the interactive nature of Waze.

I suspect that the VPN is blocking Waze reaching its servers. The only way I can get Waze to work at the moment is by uninstalling Norton - which I have done as Waze is far too useful - I installed Norton as I thought the VPN would be useful for the two to three days a the year when I might use a hotel Wi-Fi system.

I presume ( hope? ) there a way of telling Norton and Waze to work together.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Unable to use WAZE on iphone when Norton is installed

Did you have the VPN feature turned on when you had the issue with Waze? If not, it might be an issue with the Web Protection feature. That has been known to cause different kinds of connection issues.

Can you reinstall Norton 360 and ensure that the VPN feature is turned off and test. If you still have issues with Waze, then turn off the Web Protection feature and test. If that clears up the issue, please send logs to Norton to help diagnose your problem.

Start by turning Web Protection back on, then open iOS settings on your device and scroll down to the bottom where the apps are listed. Tap on the Norton  360 app and tap to Enable Debug Log.  

Now use your device until it causes the issue you are having. Then turn off Web Protection and test again so the logs will show that that resolves the issue. Then shake your phone back and forth and a prompt will come up to send logs. Tap on Send Error Report and fill in any information requested. In your submission, please include "forum 'your username' " in the Case ID section of the report. Also include a link to this thread. 

If you do send logs, please let me know and I'll notify my contacts to look for them.


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Re: Unable to use WAZE on iphone when Norton is installed

Thanks for your speedy reply and apologies for my very slow reply back to you.

I installed Norton and hit the problem. I don't think the VPN was turned on and in fact could not ( or failed to ) find any way of turning it on or off or even seeing if it was on so am obviously a beginner with it and would thus would appreciate advice at a very basic level to attempt what you have described.

From the above you will not be surprised to learn that I do not know how the Web Protection on or off.


Re: Unable to use WAZE on iphone when Norton is installed

Open your 360 app on your iPhone. The VPN status is shown at the bottom of the screen as shown in my image below. In this case the VPN is off. Tapping on that will allow you to turn the VPN feature on and off as needed. 

 As for the Web Protection feature, tap on Web Protection on the main 360 screen. That will bring up a page where you can turn off the Web Protection for testing purposes.

So with this added information, please try the suggestions I made in my first post collect Norton logs and to try to figure out what is causing your issue with Waze. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.