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Unauthorized Access Blocked

Thursday June 10, 2010 1:29 AM

       Unathorized access blocked (Post Terminate Message to Window)

       Actor: c;\windows\speech\common\sapisvr.exe

       Actor Pid: 4068

       Target: C;\Program Files\Norton 360\Engine\\MCUI32.exe

       Target PID: 3688

       Action: Duplicate Object

      Reaction: Unautorized acess logged

      Terminal Session: 1

   " " " " " " happens total 3 times and there is only one difference one which is for the action it says Access Process Data

and for some reason or another my computer shuts down w/o my knowlegde of it because im asleep or doing something during the day and not on it. It is like it has no battery life left and when you lose your battery on the laptops it goes into hibernation. Well I have it plugged in when I go to sleep and when im not using so any solutions?

Any help would be very helpful.

[edit: Clarified subject.]


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Re: Unauthorized Access Blocked

Hi ablackcloak9,

Sapisvr.exe is a Windows process for speech recognition,  It is being blocked from accessing Norton files and processes by Norton Product Tamper Protection, which protects Norton's operations from being interfered with by outside agents.  Usually the entries you will see in NPTP belong to legitimate programs, such as the Microsoft speech recognition process on your PC, and are harmless.  Such log entries are expected and normally do not indicate a threat as long as the processes involved belong to trusted applications.


Re: Unauthorized Access Blocked

Could someone answers these questions that I have because I believe that someone is trying to hack into my computer and I was wondering what these mean. Any information would be greatly helpful.

Rule "Default Block UPnP Discovery" stealthed ( Port ssdp(1900), inbound UDP packet.

local address, service is (, Port ssdp (1900) ).
Remote address service is ( Port (1024) ).
Process name is "C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe".

IP address has disappeared from adapter Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter and is no longer being protected (IP address: fe80:: 2c6e:28ca:b494:7982).

Protecting your connection to a newly detected network on adapter "atheros AR5007 802.11b/g WiFi Adapter" (IP address

Connected to a restricted network. (00 1B 2F 4B 9E B6).(Gateway Physical Address). The local network is currently restricted. To protect your computer from the local network, in the Actions panel, click Remove restrict. To allow all the computers on this network to communicate with your computer, in the Actions panel click Trust.

An instance of C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe is preparing to access the internet

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Re: Unauthorized Access Blocked


Information on the UPNP Discovery is available here in a simplified version.


It is usually off by default, so Norton blocks it unless you require it.

The Teredo Tunnelling is the new future means of communication IPV6.  The system checks to see if it is needed and if not, is dropped off.  Not a problem.

I suspect that the Atheros is your wireless network card.  You should be able to check that in device manager.

00 1B 2F 4B 9E B6  Check the back of your router.  I think that is the MAC address for it.

Update\GoogleUpdate.exe  is a standard update mechanism for Google, which is probably for your search bar.

There is no problem in any of the entries.

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Re: Unauthorized Access Blocked

thanks for the help and that is what I thought that is what it was but I wasn't sure. I also have another question. What would cause my laptop to shut down after a certain amount of time because it always shut down after like 5 hours of being asleep (with the lid closed). Im trying to figure out the reason behide this, but the only thing I can think of is that I have a virus or something in my computer.

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Re: Unauthorized Access Blocked

It's more likely to be one of the advanced settings in the power options.  I've only had a laptop a short while and I'm still working out the ins and outs of it.  The options will be in your control panel and the advanced settings allow a great many choices, regarding sleep patterns when on battery, sleep patterns when plugged in, with the lid open, with the lid closed.  I set mine to not sleep at all when plugged in, so that scans can get done, but it seems to drift off anyway.  It just doesn't shut off, so I haven't got something set quite right.

You will have to navigate through the settings to see what it is set to do.

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