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Unblock Chrome Extensions

Norton Secure VPN blocks some, if not all, Chrome Extensions.

Can Norton approve some of the most well know Chrome Extensions go through the VPN?

Disabling the Ad Tracker still blocked the Rakuten extension.


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Re: Unblock Chrome Extensions

Rakuten Help Center

Cash Back can only be activated if we know where you’re shopping. Sometimes cookies, ad blockers and content blockers can prevent Cash Back from being activated.
For those using a VPN:
We recommend disabling your VPN while shopping since Rakuten cannot guarantee your Cash Back will be activated. 


Re: Unblock Chrome Extensions

Hi bjm_,

Yes, I read what the Rakuten website says.  And they also recommend turning off the VPN for cash back.  

And I am trying to see if there is a workaround to keeping my VPN on (staying safe) and still earning my cashback.


Re: Unblock Chrome Extensions

No workaround. 
Rakuten wants to know your real location - wants to know where you’re shopping. 

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