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undetectable threat

Threat links:

188 . 229 . 89 . 78/index.php?zv=IfQMFZmIEByUzSjg%3D&FTetW=Q63GD&Z9nR=NjFCClEtRFZfHi1&O90H1=M2WI&jqfME=AwtnaT9&064=8WP&3J=CRKMXO86X3N3U8K&NYy8=D5ET48&d1Lkz=ROSBdVShOK3g2&KvHC=A&R1fD=DNStT&Gm4=7CR6U8I878&EfRv5=42PQ56QV9L&Q8x6=J28JQ8qNjcsPilnXzxPPVIKUS9IQg84UUohOWYlNUp&r16H=gN3wkfkQOJAcyAmY

188 . 229 . 89 . 131/index.php?yEPvX=gcGVSp6LXpUBmkBAC5WBQo0dAICCCVhZlM8OWB4ZwR%2FD3AABApCNUtN&Jxi=8UB101GXS0XE&pMkex=G&quE=S2c0fQJ6A&pjP=jwkM1c0UyNPSExfPV1FNnUGA2l%2BfXlxbGV8eHgqdTN0TG4p&Nj2=QKW2H8F6486P89JG71GKKWHYKNMKVDOE0ZU7RVE6N633XTg&VaKZ=0PBBcViVFWhRcVkQ0JW5ZVTsrPFYs&3tZJT=E4HHLO52Y55K52

188 . 229 . 89 . 182/index.php?ienW3=38EOQwpInYJNARTNTVSCQh6B11lYwZnB&E9ugY=wTjAsPVI%2BOQBsFw&4l6F=O3X4LCO0P22TS008N19Q&8M=jI2QGw8I&Op7w9=ECY2QFfXkZeQAlYjsGPn5&D4=Us%2FXAddKD8uVw9bViggX1ZMEVxWNTBNP1M&6h=U1T6I2DEP7BE7Z903ZJ4MH7L6YSGX&zT=XwBJiNoS3N2B2wOAgRqfgI5LUQ4&1Wz=87BJ03UE7&P4ci=MTzZ0U#9



Norton ( stays unprotected against this.

VT detection:  




Re: undetectable threat

PS posted just for Symantec database increase. and to prevent other users from "may be unexpected" infection.

By the way it opens every 5 mins IE windows with porn content. Some sites are unavailable.

SONAR are your gone smoking or it is not so heavy infection?


Re: undetectable threat

Frustrating isn't it that whilst this happening a scan with NIS assures you you that you system is clean and secure.

MalwareBytes is reported to remove the infection which Norton ignores, but I had to resort to a reinstall from a back up image.


Re: undetectable threat

it is offtopic, but:

"a scan with NIS assures you you that you system is clean and secure."

I think that even symantec employees found it funny =)

And for what are malwarebytes and system images if Norton scan can clean all infections?

How can you say somethat it if you do not know it or having not some experience in it?)

Only I successfully executed about 100-120 malware samples on patched up-to-date windows and powered by updated Norton computers in NIS 2009, 2010, 2011. And I saw a half of that quantity where it was an active infection and help users to cure it. There is no good antivirus kaspersky int. sec., avira professional, norton, eset, gdata, bitdefender, drweb, avast professional - each of them can't fully protect against malware. Some malware crash Norton powered computers and SONAR did nothing with it, some chash kaspersky and others. There is no ideal solution and using of exactly antivirus means only that user get accustomed to it and did not saw great faults of it. And a fanatism is close to sick in all ways not only antiviruses.

Every solution have its merits and demerits.

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Re: undetectable threat


I agree with you. No computer is perfect, no security suite is perfect and no user is perfect. The best possible situation is to use the combination of products that provides you with the best possible protection. Participating in these forums and submitting possible new problems to the development team is a good way to insure that Norton stays as close to the peak of the curve as possible.

All protection is by nature more reactive than proactive. In many cases it is impossible to protect against the unknown while allowing you to operate your computer. Some proactive protection is present and alwys being improved but, never to the point that there is no threat.

The 'secure' statement indicates that your system is as secure as you and Symantec can make it. Neither of you are perfect so there is room for trouble to happen.

You keep reporting problems and they will keep improving their products

Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

Re: undetectable threat

thanks for keep this topic alive)

but in many ways symantec did not listen many good-to-be ideas.

Excluded from Auto-protect file was changed


What are you think about this?

I think it is great vulnerability of using except list, it is have no analogue in other products, it is needed to be in EVERY AV product.

Posted and that? In Norton 2011 it is not present, in NIS 2012 beta it is not present and it is telling by itself that it is will be not present in NIS 2012 release - it is not tested.

Can say more - look at the idea status - and 'till now it is only some like "New idea", like some trash from other unknown user.

Why very big Symantec can't analyze all ideas - I can not understand. Probably it thinks that ad is main and only normal-good not excelent work of product is good enought.

I get tired to submit undetectable virus samples. During last 2 months I already have 5-6 of it. And I do not hunt of it! Just store suspicious files from my friends computers and sometimes uses malwaredomainlist.com why symantec is not analyse this... do not know.

Last: my friend have Avast free antivirus, I come from him with my flash and saw on it:


I want to say him that install Norton - it will clean your computer from many intections. I insert flashdrive to my powered by norton 2012 beta computer and... and norton can't recognize the malware in it.

VT did not saw it until i upload it now:


Nobodies perfect. If avast is good for him - well let it will be. Norton will not detect the same malware or will not detect other malware...

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Re: undetectable threat

Hello, i saw that you are having problem with your computer.

You have got a rouge Antispyware on your computer called Security Shield the program have installed it on your computer without your permission.

You have to use a removal tool/guide to remove this threat from your computer as fast as you can.

Have you done a Full System Scan on your computer with the latest protection updates via Liveupdate?

If the program is promting you to buy more security or are offering you to buy the program and all your problems will be solved, DO NOT DO THAT AT ALL.

Have you other programs to try to remove this threat from your computer, here are some recommendations for security programs you can use.

Norton Power Eraser, a good tool to remove threats with.




Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


And here are link to a guide how to remove the threat from your computer.


Can you tell us how it went and if your problem got solved or not..

Good Luck


Re: undetectable threat

Thanks, Sweman!

But it not for me, for others ("PS posted just for Symantec database increase. and to prevent other users from "may be unexpected" infection.")

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Re: undetectable threat

okey, thanks..


Re: undetectable threat

I had this problem with antimalwaredoctor and I scanned my computer but nothing would happen. It took a while for norton to finally get rid of it. I had wondered how to get rid of it but it was to hard to get online because when I started my internet it would take it down 30 seconds later. Its a wonder how they spend there time trying to steal peoples money. Afterwards my computer would say something is trying to tamper with norton but it was always denied. On the internet we started to get redirected to jump.com or something like that everytime we tried to click on a website. We had to enter the IP adress of the site just to get on. We believe we had a rootkit. We have a new computer since then. I am not so sure every site norton says is safe is all that safe. Like brothersoft.com everyone says its a really bad site but norton says its a good site.


Re: undetectable threat

Again! Malware exonerated! How long this will be?


Guys! This distributive of this fake av EXONERATED?

May be to change something, it is something crazy happens and will happen again and again.... again and again...

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