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Unhappy with Support (Norton Family)

I too am so overly frustrated with Norton and the customer service.  i have been trying to set up 'properly' (so it actually works), the Norton Family, and through repeated calls to Customer Service (first time on hold for 2.5 hours), and them getting on a screen-share effort it still does not work.  I have literally tried everything in my knowledge-base to figure it out, and it still doesn't work (i was first trying on IOS for my son, and then was going to try Android for my daughter once it proved successful).  it is really ridiculous that Norton can't make a software that works out of the gates.  looking at these posts, it appears it may never work as planned.  i cringe when I think about waiting on hold for another 2.5 hours to then either trouble-shoot (with assumed failure), or attempt to get a credit back for the subscription (since clearly it doesn't work as advertised).  Norton should, at a minimum, have a 'call-back' feature for customer service so callers don't need to literally stay on hold for hours to try to talk to someone.  this is the most frustrated i have ever been with a software provider, and their insufficient customer service



Re: Unhappy with Support (Norton Family)


Try posting in the Norton Family forum board to get the help you require.  https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-family

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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