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Uninstall MSE or just block w/Norton's firewall

Microsoft Windows Update downloaded and installed the MS  Security Essentials program in my PC.     I already have  Norton 360 installed and like it.       My understanding is that there should not be two antivirus programs active in the same computer, and my question is:    Should I uninstall MSE or just block it with Norton's firewall?     

[edit: Clarified subject.]


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Re: Uninstall MSE or just block w/Norton's firewall

That just does not sound correct to me, are you sure it is MSE and not a fake program?  Are you getting any pop-ups from it?

I would suggest you look in Add/Remove progams and see if MSE is listed and if so, uninstall it.

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Re: Uninstall MSE or just block w/Norton's firewall

You can just disable MS Security Essentials' Real Time Protection, by opening up the MSSE program, going to Settings, selecting the Real Time Protection section on the left hand side, and uncheck the box next to "Turn On Real Time Protection"

There's no reason to uninstall it (I have it too on my system, it dispatched with a Windows Update some time ago) as it doesn't take up too much memory and works in a different way to both N360 and Malwarebytes' Anti Malware (MBAM), which may help identify something if it slips through both MBAM and N360 (unlikely, but I'm extra cautious)

Disabling the Real-Time protection will mean you have 1 active program (N360) and 1 dormant program (MSSE), and therefore you are following the "only 1 program active" guideline

I hope this helps

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