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Uninstall from old PC- Reinstall in new

I'm looking for any kind soul who might give me somme advice.

I'm retiring an old laptop. I'll probably give it away to someone. I want to unisntall my NIS 11 so I can use the license to install in a new one. I havean up to date subscription for 3 PCs- All 3 in use, including this laptop

Thanks for any help or sugestions



Re: Uninstall from old PC- Reinstall in new


To transfer license from an old PC to a new one 

Please contact customer care they will sort out the issue  https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton/support/contact/chat/norton-chat.jsp?chatexp=cs&dept=cs&pvid=&pid=cs&layout=


Re: Uninstall from old PC- Reinstall in new

Yes you should also uninstall the NIS 2011 on the old PC before you give it away. In fact if you have the maker's recovery disks or if it has a recovery partition / managera you should run that to return the installation to factory state which should delete any personal information -- which could include links to your MyNortonAccount and to the KEY for the NIS 2011 which is also in a file on the PC.

As a minimum from the Norton point of view you should do a very full cleanup using the Norton Remvoval Tool and manually clearing any other Norton Folders.

Actually getting your activation transferred is easy if you follow BanMidouo's link to OnLine Customer Support by CHAT.

But do make sure you get all personal information off your PC including the data files for Identity Safe if you usesd that -- you can export them to a thumbdrive if you want to and then import them to the new PC -- but that won't get rid of them on the old PC.

If we can help with advice on this please ask.


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