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This forum thread needs a solution.

Uninstalled McAfee - still can't install Norton


I believe I have completely uninstalled McAfee from my Mac OS X Yosemite and yet when I try to install Norton Security I get the same message prior to uninstalling McAfee - 'We have detected incompatible security software installed on your computer. Please uninstall McAfee Internet Security and try again.'

I clicked on the McAfee uninstaller and it seems to have worked and this computer no longer appears on my McAfee account. I then moved the McAfee site adviser to trash. 

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.


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Re: Uninstalled McAfee - still can't install Norton

Hello @Ais B,

We will try to help you as much. We are not sure which flavor of McAfee product you have installed. Norton Security for Mac will not proceed installation, in case any of the below files is/are present in your system.

A) McAfee Family Protection:
/Applications/McAfee Family Protection.app/Contents/MacOS/McAfee Family Protection

B) McAfee Virex:

C) McAfee Internet Security:

Please remove the above entry/entries if any in your system and then install Norton Security for Mac.

In case you are still facing issues during installation, please revert back and we will try to sort out.




Re: Uninstalled McAfee - still can't install Norton

@Ais B: Sorry for this late solution, and for those who are still having trouble installing Norton product for Mac, you may use this simple RemoveCompetitiveProducts tool.

When it comes to McAfee (for Mac) removal, you may still need to check your browser settings like the Search engine and/or the Extensions tab, as the (McAfee) Secure Search could still remain there.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

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Re: Uninstalled McAfee - still can't install Norton


Thanks for providing all the location where to find evil McAfee! I had uninstalled everything but the SiteAdvisor... If I hadn't searched the forums it would have taken me hours to figure it out!

I uninstalled and deleted all folders associated to it and Norton installed correctly.



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