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Unlock PIN not working

I installed Norton Family to monitor/control activities primarily on my childrens' mobile devices. The problem I have is with the emergency unlock PIN. I understand how the house settings work and where to create the PIN from an administration perspective, however, the problem is that I have NEVER been able to successfully use the PIN on my child's phone (Galaxy S4). It ALWAYS says "Incorrect PIN". I have tried resetting the PIN a number of times with the same result.

This is a huge problem as I need my child to have the ability to make an emergency call if need be after they invariably use up their daily allotted time from too much texting. I love being able to set the house rules but if the PIN never works I may have to remove the app from the phone as I need to have that emergency "back door" working.



Re: Unlock PIN not working

Hi @Breakabro,

Welcome to Norton Community!

We need the following details to understand the issue better

  1. Unlock PIN fails in child device for Time Supervision or Instant Lock
  2. Change house rules for any other supervision say for e.g Web Supervision->Change setting from Block to Warn or Vice versa and let us know the rules are getting updated in child device

Please share the following details via private message (you can find my email address under my profile in the forum) to investigate the issue further

  • Norton Family account's email id
  • Debug logs

Steps to take debug logs

  1. Open Norton Family Browser->Tap on profile picture in top left corner in the app
  2. Select the last option ‘Contact Us’ from the menu
  3. Enable Debug logs
  4. Reproduce the issue
  5. Navigate again to 'Contact Us'->Tap on 'Send Email'->Select an email client app(e.g. Gmail)
  6. Enter my email address in the 'To' field (Logs will be auto-attached) and send it.


Devi AK

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