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Update to NIS 2010 slow loading on my computer

I can't reply to my message from December, so here is an update with my issue, (see Below) maybe somebody else can link the old message. Anyhow I tried all the suggestions that the members asked me to try with no help. So I let it go since I was pretty sure it was just a slow loading issue with my NIS product and not malware. Today I uninstalled NIS 2010 and updated to NIS 2011 and my computer loads up in about 1  minute.  So I no longer have the issue but also have no answer to why NIS 2010 took so long to load. Just wanted to pass on that the issue is fixed and and thank the members who posted with help. I should have just Uninstalled and updated to NIS 2011 when it was suggested. Also was wondering if anybody else has had problems with slow loading of NIS 2010.

Thanks Kevin

Old Message from December 2010

12-25-2010 12:10 AM - last edited on 12-25-2010 12:14 AM

I also have noticed that recently my computer boots up slower than it did about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes the windows sidebar gadget showing the green Norton secure bar takes about 4 minutes to show up, sometimes it takes less than a minute. The norton yellow and green icon in the taskbar pops up on the screen fast but in this time lag I also noticed that when i click on the NIS 2010 icon in the taskbar, it doesn't bring up the NIS screen until the couple minutes are up. I also try to click on the IE icon and it also doesn't come up until it seems Norton is done loading. 

I am running NIS 2010 with AOP on a Windows vista home premium gateway laptop.

The computer shows no other signs of issues.

Scans are ok.

I ran "get support" and it came up no problems.

I also have NIS 2010 set as early load.

also in my norton history performance graph it also shows no activity until about 4 minutes into the startup.

I don't know if it the same issue as the BHO loading issue some people are having.I don't know if anything is wrong with the computer but there is definitely a longer load up time than a couple weeks ago.



Re: Update to NIS 2010 slow loading on my computer

Hi TooStrong,

how did you uninstall NIS 2010? I ask out of curiosity but it could also help others. e.g. normal uninstall vs. Norton Removal Tool.


Re: Update to NIS 2010 slow loading on my computer

Normal uninstall without saved info.


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