Update product key for new purchase

My subscription to Norton 360 Premium for up to 10 devices is about expire. I recently purchased a new copy of the same product from an online store which was about one fifth the cost of the renewal. I am on a metered internet connection so I would prefer not having to download the full product 7 times, once for each device. Therefore, is there a way to just update the product key on each device or alternatively, download the full product to a USB drive to use to install on each device?


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Re: Update product key for new purchase

There is no need to reinstall/download your 360. Just open the classic 360 interface by right clicking the Norton icon in the system tray and click on Open Norton 360. Then click on Help > Enter Product Key at the bottom right. Enter your new key there and you are good to go.

First thing to note. Be sure you have gone into your Norton Account and turned off Automatic Renewal for your current subscription. Then click on the user icon at the top right of the screen and click on Manage My Subscriptions. Find your current subscription and turn off Auto renewal to the right side of that subscription. 

Second note. As soon as you enter the new product key you will lose any remaining time on the old subscription. So wait until only one or two days remaining before entering the product key.

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