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Updated Terms and Conditions Still Refer to "Norton Ideas" Board

NortonLifeLock's updated Terms and Conditions for the Norton Community at includes a whole section 6.4 on "the Norton Ideas section of the Community Website."

6.4.  Norton Ideas

The Norton Ideas section of the Community Website enables you to submit ideas for Norton products and services directly to the NortonLifeLock. These ideas could be anything from a new feature to a product or service improvement (each a "Norton Idea"). If you submit a Norton Idea, you agree that: ...

At one time there was a Norton Ideas board in this forum but users have been posting their feedback about product features and services in the Product Suggestions board for several years now. The Terms and Conditions might be clearer if NortonLifeLock removed references to this obsolete Norton Ideas board and replaced it with "Product Suggestions".

Also note that Tony_Weiss' old 23-Mar-2010 thread Norton Ideas Frequently Asked Questions pinned in the About This Community section of the forum now throws an Access Denied error.  Every other pinned post in that "About This Community" section (including an old Terms and Conditions document) has obsolete information that can still be reached through the navigation and menu items.



Re: Updated Terms and Conditions Still Refer to "Norton Ideas" Board

Thanks @lmacri, "About This Community" section needs to be updated. We will update/replace with new updated posts and few new ones with Community intro's.

Sunil_GA | Norton Community Administrator | NortonLifeLock

Re: Updated Terms and Conditions Still Refer to "Norton Ideas" Board

Hi Sunil_GA:

I received a notice about the updated Terms and Conditions a few days ago but there are still problems with the current version.

Someone revised the title for Section 6.4 from "Norton Ideas" to "Product Suggestions" but neglected to edit another half-dozen references to the obsolete Norton Ideas board ...

... and if I sign in to the Norton Community and click the Forums button at the top of each page I can still navigate to the original Participation Guidelines and Terms and Conditions that haven't been updated since 2008. Note that this problem with the Forums button disappears if I'm logged out of the Community.

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