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This forum thread needs a solution.

Updated Version Imminent ?

UK based. This afternoon, 7th July, NGC Product Update (300 KB) received by auto Live Update - any body seen or heard anything - seen no announcements (as usual till after the event) ?. Another update coming thru' ? perhaps solving all our issues.


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Re: Updated Version Imminent ?

perhaps solving all our issues.

Sorry, but   


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Re: Updated Version Imminent ?


That's probably when the next update will be released----7 of July. That's the problem with Europe putting their dates in writing as 7/2 where as in the USA, it is 2/7

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Re: Updated Version Imminent ?

Hi migron:

See today's product update announcement Norton 22.16.4 Update for Windows is Now Available! for Win 7 and higher operating systems.


Re: Updated Version Imminent ?

Hi, @mgirons

As Imacri notes, a new update is being progressively rolled out.

As to whether it will fix all the outstanding issues users are facing.....................

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