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hi from nz joined forum to hopefully get some advice on my update prob - which may be quicker than tackling nortons help desk or technical advice. apologies if you've heard all this before. here goes. i run windows xp. when 1st installed norton internet security 08everything fine all green ticks + automatic updates to boot.  3 months down the track i start getting the orange ball with exclamation, then the red ball with x on bottom task bar. run protection updates green tick no new updates were found. run scan no viruses found etc green tick. update security inspector to current date. computer date and time are ok. according to the housework im doing i dont have a problem - except my computer is at risk. go through help desk and run intelligent updater. this apparently fixes the problem. get green norton tick on bottom task bar and computer is secure. 2 weeks later have to repeat entire process - done this 3 or 4 times. i don't seem to be recieving automatic updates which is somewhat annoying as i assumed they were part of what id paid for. thanks anyone in anticipation of a reply. please explain in laymans terms for amateur. sk.



Re: updates

Be sure to check that Automatic Updates are enabled in the General Options menu - This may solve the manual updating.

From what I'm hearing LiveUpdate has an issue with updates. Could you post screenshots of the process (Use the Print-Screen key on the top right of your keyboard, generally located at the end of your function keys with Home, Insert, End, etc) to assist us on solving the problem?

What sort of internet connection are you using (e.g. Are you updating via a Proxy) and what other software are you running that may be conflicting (e.g. Firewall)?


Dave Mikolaj

Re: updates

hi sk - the problem you describe was mentioned elsewhere and the solve seemed to be running a manual LiveUpdate (from this document).

if that doesn't work, i've heard that one click support's autofix may have a solve for this one. take the help and support link from the main program and click green button to begin. 


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