Updating Antivirus to latest version not working

Hi, I'm having a problem on my G5 updating my version of AntiVirus 11. The LiveUpdate app tells me it needs updating and goes through downloading the patches but when it gets to installing them it doesn't seem to and I get a list of parts which haven't been installed. The main AntiVirus app is one part which isn't updated. I've tried several times but it never works. Is there a way of manually downloading the updates and running them or is this not the problem?

Thanks Alec 



Re: Updating Antivirus to latest version not working

Since I don't quite understand what the problem is, can you please first try running the following steps, and explaining what happens after each step?

1. Launch the LiveUpdate application and select "Customize this Update session". 

2. After it comes back, deselect everything except LiveUpdate. Then continue. Make sure the update session completes.

3. Quit LiveUpdate, and in the Finder, do a Get Info command on the LiveUpdate application. Make sure it says LiveUpdate is version 5.1.1.

4. Re-launch LiveUpdate, and this time choose to download all available updates. Please note any errors, and post a screenshot of the Summary window at the end.

If things fail, please take Elliott's advice (below this post) and post the log file he requested. He's our LiveUpdate guru.



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Re: Updating Antivirus to latest version not working

Hi Alec,

Can you post your liveudpt.log file here?  It's located at:

/Library/Application Support/Symantec/LiveUpdate/liveupdt.log

If it's too large, can you try to paste the bottom 500 or so lines?


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