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Upgrade for free to Norton Security

When I logged into the norton manager is says "Upgrade for free to Norton Security"

I currently have Norton Internet Security. When I check for new version it says I have latest version. So Is Norton Security the updated product instead of a new version of Norton Internet Security? If so, is it the standard, deluxe, or premium? Is it important to update to this new one? Does it have new features?



Re: Upgrade for free to Norton Security

Hello KDP

When  you check for newest version of NIS . if you have, then you have  the latest version of NIS. NIS is the old product which can not be bought in any store. It can only be renewed in the Norton Store and you have to pay their higher prices.

Norton Security is the newer product which first was released a couple of years ago. There have been newer versions over the years. Norton Security now has 3 flavors to it. Standard == 1 device

Deluxe == up to 5 devices depending on location

Premium = up to 10 devices, backup program, family protection

They don't have the Registry Cleaner. At some unknown date, NAV, NIS, N360 will not be good. Some updates now are not available for the older products.

Please see also


Thanks to F4E for the link.


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Re: Upgrade for free to Norton Security

So if I choose to do the free upgrade do I choose which version I want?


Re: Upgrade for free to Norton Security

The free upgrade would match as close as possible to your current product. As you currently have Norton Internet Security with 3 installs, you would be offered the Norton Security Deluxe with 5 installs. Depending on which market you are in, the number if installs could only be 3. If you wanted the Premium version, you would have to pay the difference in the two prices. 

You can always contact Norton Support via chat and they can talk you through each option.   www.norton.com/chat

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Re: Upgrade for free to Norton Security

Thank you very much!

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