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Upgrading Norton message spamed by Norton - Way to extract more money next renwal cycle? -why ask if its so important?

Hi fellow Norton Security buddies,

Like most of you probably have, I have a full and active Norton Security product (have for many years) and have been getting spammed from Norton with popups about upgrading to new features. Yes, this happens so frequently I would consider it spam. Ironically, Norton is supposed to help us get rid of Spam but yet it is doing it, itself. Shame on you Norton marketing department.

Correct me if I am wrong here but using a little bit of logical reasoning, I think this is a push to get people locked into a higher price when they go to renew their subscription and they will receive "sticker shock" when renewal time comes. Here is why I have come to this conclusion and have not upgraded yet. The thing is, if these features were so important and critical they would be automatically downloaded and included when Norton does an automatic update. Norton has changed a lot over the past decade or so with new additional security (and other) features and layouts and have never asked us if we wanted to "click here to upgrade to new features". They just were automatically downloaded and included. No annoying pop ups to click, things to agree too, just done.

I know Norton bought and now offers Life Lock. I also know Norton offers VPN encryption/protection. I know this. I also know that they charge separately for these features. I do not need these features, hence, why haven't bought them. I am ok with the price and the features I am being offered now with standard Norton Security. I think "upgrade now" is just a way to get people to VOLUNTARILY add these features so that they can be charged for them in addition to the renewal price (bundled price of course) next renewal cycle. It is kind of shady and scummy that Norton is wording and framing there spammed messages in a way that is making the everyday person think that this upgrade is important and almost necessary for the most protection, giving no indication to these people that they will be charged more next renewal cycle then those who chose not to add Life Lock and VPN etc. I don't think most people think into things as much as I do and I am afraid they will be taken advantage of by the wording and marketing and just the overall desire to stay the most protected.

Is my line of reasoning wrong or do you feel the same?



Re: Upgrading Norton message spamed by Norton - Way to extract more money next renwal cycle? -why ask if its so important?

Two suggestions, NortonUser81.

One- Ignore the spam, and go to Settings > Administrative Settings > Notifications and turn the ones you don't want/need off.

Two- Buy Norton from a reputable online/shopfront retailer, and enjoy the product of your choice as well as the savings.

Windows 10 Home X 64

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