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usa.gov log

We installed onlinefamily.norton on my son's pc, for some reason usa.gov site keeps coming up in the log. After looking at the date/time that it was accessd, it does look like it was triggered by his pc but I'm not sure why and what does usa.gov has anything to do with the monitoring of his pc usage.

Has this happened to anyone else? This is what the log looks like in our acount:

12/15/09 9:25 PM : Web site visited: http://www.usa.gov/rss/updates.xml [Government]

12/15/09 8:01 PM : Web site visited: http://www.usa.gov/rss/FAQs.xml [Government]

I asked him about it, there is no reason why he would be going to that site or have any interest in it. Can someone shed some light?




Re: usa.gov log

This is most likely due to some other piece of software accessing that site. Norton Safety Minder does not just log what IE or Firefox browsers attempt to visit, but many other programs visit content on the web and those are tracked as well.

You may have some type of newsreader that is looking at government news feeds or something like that.

Without knowing what is on your system for applications it will be hard to tell.


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