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the USB flash drive became a write-protected drive

When Norton automatically updated itself last month(Aug 2022), my laptop started having trouble booting up slowly. I have two USB sticks from 2020 connected to my laptop. it is all data files. One of my USB sticks became write protected few days after I noticed the new Norton design, and I can no longer do anything with it. I copied all files from that USB to another and scanned them. All was well. I connected it to my PC, but Norton keeps disconnecting it every day. If I turn off Norton, everything works fine. scan on all drive showed no infected files. How can I fix it? As the new version does not work for me, I would like to go back to the old version. I lost over a week trying to fix this issue and could not copy many files from my previous USB drive. It is still write protected after doing diskpart and regedit, the USB flash drive that Norton made it write protected. We were supposed to have an easy time with Norton! Here is the details: Software Norton security deluxe v22.22.7.17, Windows 10 pro.



Re: the USB flash drive became a write-protected drive

R U reporting that a Norton update caused your USB stick to become "write protected"? 

I imagine you've reviewed related Google search results. 
for example: usb drive write protected windows 10

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