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Use NS key for NIS renewal


One of my NIS subscriptions will need renewal in a few weeks time. I have quite a few PCs and I buy a lot of subscriptions every year - but I have now run out of NIS subscriptions.  I have a few NS subscriptions - but I don't want to uninstall NIS and install NS.  If I have to do that, then I would rather re-image my PC and do a clean install of NS.  BUT - my preferred option would be to use one of the NS keys to renew my NIS.  Does anyone know - can a NS key be used to renew a NIS installation ???


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Re: Use NS key for NIS renewal

Hi pantepavel:

Yes, it should be possible to renew your subscription without re-installing the software.

The Norton v22.12.0 product update released in January 2018 introduced a feature called Single Layout - see the feature changes in the product update announcement <here> which states "Single Layout is a process improvement that is focused on enhancing the customer experience when the customer wants to shift between different product offerings without the need of uninstall and reinstall."  When my Norton Security Premium (10 devices with Norton Firewall and Backup) subscription expired this year I simply entered a Norton Security Deluxe product key (5 devices with Norton Firewall but no Backup) at Help | Account Information | Enter Product Key and the Single Layout feature automatically downgraded me to Norton Security Deluxe with no software re-installation required - all my custom configuration settings were retained but any reference to the Norton Backup feature (which I didn't need) was removed from the interface after my computer was re-booted.

I've renewed my NIS in the past using a Norton Security key (either NS Deluxe or NS Premium) I purchased on sale at Staples Canada.  Just wait until the day before your current NIS subscription expires and then enter the new key in your Norton interface at  Help | Account Information | Enter Product Key. This should automatically start a new 1-Year (365 day) Norton Security subscription, so If you have days remaining on your current NIS subscription they will be lost when you enter the key manually this way and you will have to contact Norton Customer Support via Live Chat at https://www.norton.com/chat and ask them to transfer the days remaining on your NIS subscription and add them to your new NS subscription.  The only problem that might occur would be if you used a Norton Antivirus Basic (1 PC, no Norton Firewall) or Norton Security Standard (1 PC, Mac or mobile device with Norton Firewall) product key that comes with fewer features than NIS (3 PCs with Norton Firewall) for renewal since you would loose some of the installation seats and/or Norton Firewall feature in NIS by renewing with a Basic/Standard product key.

If you renew your NIS by entering a Norton Security product key at Help | Account Information | Enter Product Key I assume you would be automatically be converted to a Norton Security subscription because of the new Single Layout feature.  NIS can only be installed on Windows PCs, but a Norton Security subscription is multi-device, meaning that you should be able to use your available NS installation seats on any supported PC, Mac or mobile device.
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Re: Use NS key for NIS renewal

In addition to lmacri's information.

There is no reason not to move up to NS from the older NIS because, as long as you have been keeping NIS up to date, it is functionally identical to the newer NS products. Only the name displayed in the GUI is different. And as lmarci points out, you would also gain access to activating mobile products and the number of devices covered would increase from 3 to 5.

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Re: Use NS key for NIS renewal


Since the O/P has quite a few computers and buys a number of subscriptions a year, I would suggest getting the Norton Security Premium which is good for 10 devices. If you have more than the 10 devices, you might be interested in Norton Small Businesses. By getting the Premium or small Businesses, you will be able to consolidate the number of subscriptions. 

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