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This forum thread needs a solution.

Using Safe Mode with 'Networking'

I booted to 'Safe Mode with Networking'.

I noticed there was no Norton Icon on Taskbar.

When I opened Norton from the Desktop Icon. I only got the option to Scan.

Plus, there was No Norton toolbar when I opened my Browser.

I did this with XP sp3  with  NIS 2010,  also N360 v4.

My question is, Is Norton protecting me when I use 'Networking' in Safe Mode ?

If Yes, then ok.

If No then I think this should be looked at as a priority.

I will also post this on the N360 v4  forum as it's the same there.


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Re: Using Safe Mode with 'Networking'

Hi boneidle,

Most realtime security programs do not load in safe mode.  That is one of the aspects of safe mode.  Safe mode with networking is not advised unless it is absolutely necessary to the troubleshooting at hand.


Re: Using Safe Mode with 'Networking'

If I recall, Norton doesn't run in Safe Mode. Although it does give you the option to scan (since it assumes the reason your're in safe mode may be because of malware issues?).Message Edited by CLLL on 12-27-2009 05:35 PM
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Re: Using Safe Mode with 'Networking'

Hi Boneidle,


Norton program will be still protecting your computer when you boot in Safe Mode with Networking. But, you won't be able to view the settings or configure the settings in Safe Mode with Networking. The only option available for users in Safe Mode is to run a full system scan. The same option will be available when you boot your computer in normal Safe Mode also. The advantage in Safe Mode with Networking is that you will be able to connect to networks(Internet/LAN). As posted above, Safe Mode is only used for troubleshooting purposes.




Re: Using Safe Mode with 'Networking'



I understand Safe Mode is for troubleshooting, which is why I was using it.

Just wanted to confirm that Norton was still working in background.

Didn't want to cure one problem while leaving myself open to another.

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Re: Using Safe Mode with 'Networking'

Hi boneidle,

Unfortunately, there is no recent Symantec documentation on this.  However the last relevant KB article, modified in 2006, said this:

Safe mode is the diagnostic mode of Windows. When you start the computer in Safe mode, only the specific components that are needed to run the operating system are loaded. The components needed to start Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect are not loaded. Therefore, Auto-Protect will not run in Safe mode. To enable Auto-Protect, restart the computer in Normal mode.

In recent versions when you double-click the Norton icon in Safe mode, you will get this dialog:  "Norton product cannot start in Safe mode. Would you like to start a scan?"  This lets you perform a manual scan, but note that logging is turned off.  There will be no record of a Safe mode scan.

It has always been my understanding and experience that resident protection does not load in Safe mode, and if you think about it, this would make a lot of sense, since AV-related issues are high on the list of things you would want to rule out when diagnosing a problem.

Again, I would advise to use Safe mode with Networking only when necessary.Message Edited by SendOfJive on 12-28-2009 08:49 PM

Re: Using Safe Mode with 'Networking'

Hi boneidle:

I am totally in-synch with SendOfJive on this - use Safe Mode with Networking only in crisis situations.

Just my three cents...

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