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Vault not found when setting up additional Windows client

I have reinstalled Norton Security (20th May) to fix Norton Identity safe not logging. The new client reports the vault can't be found online. I have another PC where the vault is working fine and updates over the last week reached some Android devices.  Either there is some system fault on discovery or for some reason or I have lost my server vault and need to recreate it. 

A few days ago I had some difficulty recalling my password for the vault and I was given the option to create a new vault. I did NOT do this and got access a short time later on my PC to the vault with password. I really hope there isn't a bug with server vault deletion at this point having not created a new vault. I have since made some manual backups in case of loss of local vault.

How can I proceed?  Create a new vault on the new PC which will invalidate the master PC vault. Import the data from the backup into the new vault?

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Re: Vault not found when setting up additional Windows client

I fixed by exporting the password db from main PC, creating a new online vault with the new PC and importing the db back into the main PC. Both Windows PCs immediately updated with the correct data. Android devices stuttered a little but eventually sent me back to account login resulting in a successful sync.

My vault was removed due to a server fault/bug or incorrect client logic after the 3 failed logins to the vault processing. I did not knowingly delete my vault with a password reset having not gone that far.  I'm seeing now that my local management of vault data backup is now necessary. 


Re: Vault not found when setting up additional Windows client

Hi Conor_McGrath,

It sounds like you got things sorted out, so just some additional information. 

The Identity Safe Settings (click on three dots on Norton Toolbar > select Open Identity Safe Settings > Import/Export Tab) provide for an automatic backup of Identity Safe Data in .DAT Format @ the following location:  C:\Users\Username\Documents\Norton Identity Safe Backups\email used for Norton Account.  These backups are in an encrypted DAT format.  The following Tab also provides a method of manually Exporting your data ion either a DAT (encrypted) format or a Plain Text (CSV) Format which is less secure, but can actually be read with a text reader such as Notepad.

FWIW, I still maintain a Local and a Cloud Vault and the auto backup is not available for the Local Vault, so I do a manual Export of my data (for both vaults) on a monthly basis to be on the safe side.

I can not confirm why you lost your vault after three unsuccessful log in attempts - usually 3 unsuccessful login attempts using three different wrong passwords results in a request for a password change - but yours sounds like something different.

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