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Vault not working

Some updates occurred and now I cannot get into my vault. When I click on CLOSED, page opens and says LETS GET STARTED SIGN IN. When I sign in, I get the working wheel then the page refreshes. The happens with FIREFOX as well as I.E. I can access my vault via the identity safe web page.

Anyone have any solutions?


Accepted Solution

Re: Vault not working

Hi Nicolas Demor,

Please try the following in IE:

Open the main page of your Norton product.  If already signed in, please sign out.  Close Norton, close Internet Explorer and open a new instance of Internet Explorer.  Click on "Vault is Closed" and then when prompted,  sign into your Norton Account.  The next prompt you should receive is to Login to your vault. 

If in FF, depending on your version will determine if you can use or even have the Norton Toolbar available to log into your ID Safe.

If you can not get into the vault via IE, please post back with your operating system, FF version number as well as your Norton product and version and we'll go from there.


Re: Vault not working

Thank you for your help!! I followed your instructions signing out, opening IE and signing back in. I can now utilize vault via IE. From the info I have seen I am using the unsupported FF 41.0.1 and will need to wait for the update later this month. At least I am able to access the vault instead of having to go to the web page.


Re: Vault not working

Hello Niccholas

Just remember that the update at the end of October will not restore full functionality to the Toolbar. Hopefully, part of the Toolbar will be working in the update when it does arrive.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

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