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Vawtrak banking Trojan

Today I read on the internet that there is a new, more dangerous variety Vawtrak banking Trojan. Is Norton Security detects the malware?



Re: Vawtrak banking Trojan

WOW! Just did a search on this one. Gawd it's an international crime wave of awesome proportions. Do a search for it. It's huge!

Example of headlines about it:

"Canadian Users Targeted With Vawtrak Banking Trojan"

"Banking Trojan Vawtrak: Harvesting Passwords Worldwide"

"Vawtrak is Back and Stronger than Ever"

"Dangerous 'Vawtrak Banking Trojan' Harvesting Passwords Worldwide"

Because it's so huge I personally have total confidence that Symantec is on top of the situation.

When the first version of Vawtrak appeared last July, Symantec,at least on it's endpoint service, and I assume on Norton consumer products detctected and blocked the trojan but did so with a name other than Vawtrak

from Symantec employee: " (BKDR_VAWTRAK is another vendor's name- different companies detect threats and assign them different names.)
Just judging from VirusTotal, many files given that BKDR_VAWTRAK designation by another vendor are detected by Symantec and classified as Backdoor.Trojan, Trojan.Snifula.F, Trojan.Ransomlock.G and Trojan.Zbot."


Hope it's ok to post this link to a whitepaper on it by another security vendor. Very Scary Stuff. Cybercriminals get smarter and more clever and insidious every day. I guess all we can do, is use the security product we have the most confidence in and hope for the best.

[Personal Note-I had sworn I would never use online banking, but a change in my physical condition required that I do so. I started yesterday :-(  LOL Perfect timing.]



Re: Vawtrak banking Trojan

I hope not I encounter such a Trojan. I hope that Symantec virus sample added to give the database in the cloud.

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