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This forum thread needs a solution.

version 22.7.075

Ialready got this version with live update,is it ok to use.I see that it was pulled as a download WHY!!!!!



Re: version 22.7.075

Hello Richard Keeler

The version version was pulled last week due to the Windows Action Center incorrectly showing the wrong status of the Norton products. It affected Windows 7 computers. Today, June 20, a new version came out in a phased in manner to fix the issue with the Action Center. To get it, please run Live Update restarting when asked to and run Live Update again to make sure you have all the parts of the update. The new version is The older version was safe to use at the time and still is if you haven't received the new version yet.


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Re: version 22.7.075

ITMA. Vista 32.
NIS v received.
Security Center reporting correctly.

Routine tested v22.7.0.76 in the usual manner, OK
Be safe out there !
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