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VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Norton 360

The harassment by this product makes it a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was a programmer in software as a service and we would NEVER harass our customers like this.  YOU WILL LOSE MANY CUSTOMERS ON THIS PATH.  Your product is driving me to McAfee and I loathe them with a passion for decades.  But they let me use my PC..NORTON does not let me use my PC.. it interupts games on full screen even with the setting to NOT harass on full screen.   Norton DOES NOT CARE about customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Norton 360

I literally just came on this forum because was no 'Feedback' option in Norton to express a very similar feeling to the poster.

The eerie and disturbing 'Keep scams out of your inbox' promotion out of nowhere, in a different styling to the usual Norton popup nonsense, had me for a second questioning whether it was malware.

But no, Norton, at 6:45am, decides shove this in my face when I'm trying to work. 

The standard of protection is always excellent, sometimes too good and very difficult to undo 'false positives', and this kind of constant interruption really makes me think... there must be something better.

Probably just Windows Defender and sensible precautions. And for free.

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Re: VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Norton 360

"the usual Norton popup nonsense" <-- this in and of itself is INFURIATING~

I maintain multiple computers remotely, many of which are used by inexperienced/elderly persons who cannot be expected to determine that an Unwanted/Unwarranted pop-up from their Security engine can be ignored~  Hence, I am continuously comforting them (*after determining WHAT they are seeing as a Pop-Up -- be it another Advertisement for the Norton Browser, or just the 'Edge Browser Security is not installed' [BTW: Edge browser is DISABLED for Start-up] *) and confirming that they can Close that window.

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Re: VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Norton 360

Psyllicon's post says it all and I'd just like to add that making applications and websites accessible is expected these days - it's no longer the 90s, IT is part of society, and in some countries IT accessibility is a legal right.

Consider also the affect these have on people with Autism or other neurodiverse conditions. 

Having unsolicited popups, at an unpredictable time, is considered poor user experience and accessibility, for any public website - why should a background application on an Operating System, which is paid for, treat it's users any differently?

I'm not going to let this one go for a change - and if all that I can do is unsubscribe and move on, so be it. 

It's a luxury I have but Psyllicon's user's sadly don't.

It's time to stop this Norton.