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Virus back, PC slows down, java disabled

Seems my last virusthingy problem was not the whole part of the game

It is back, now it slows down my pc and disable java again, even programs that need an storng computer (for assample autocad) seems to be broken down

can anyone help me to get over with this problem for ever??

ps:  i first used malware but it woulnt by this part

[edit:Changed subject for clarity.]

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Re: Virus back, PC slows down, java disabled


Here's some solutions:

Uninstall Java Re-install Java

Download and then scan with malware bytes Anti-malware

Download and then scan with SUPERAntiSpyware

keep your pc up to date with windows update

For speeding up gaming:

Defragment your hard drive

empty your recycle bin

 If you game uses direct X update direct X


Re: Virus back, PC slows down, java disabled


Time to look a bit deeper.

Please run a SysProt log for us so we can check your system for rootkit activity. You will need to disable Norton auto-protect while you run the scan.

Once it is downloaded to your desktop, right click on the SysProt icon, go to properties, and click unblock and apply.

Choose log, check all the boxes except show hidden objects only and scan.

You will be able to post the log here using the "add attachments" link just below the orange post button.


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