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This forum thread needs a solution.

Virus detected

I hadn't done a full scan of my pc for a while until last night when Norton picked up this virus 


and quarantined it. Does anybody know if this is a bad virus?

On the information it says on computer as of 24/02/2017 at 23:23:35

Last used 24/02/2017 at 23:26:13

Start up item No

Launched No

Source file 8e714d49951e2b-0 Infected file in users\name\appdata\local\mozilla\firefox\profiles offline cache

When it says not launched does that mean my pc wasn't damaged by the virus as it was just sitting on my pc waiting to be launched?

I have since ran 2 spyware scans and they picked up nothing

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Re: Virus detected

From the Norton Security Response page (my bold)

"Trojan.Maliframe!html is a detection for HTML files that contain hidden iframe elements that attempt to perform malicious actions on the computer. This detection is generally encountered when visiting a malicious Web page, which attempts to quietly direct the user to a malicious URL while the current page is loading.

This detection differs from standard virus definitions in that it is used to catch malicious iframe attacks, as opposed to detecting a particular threat. The detection will block an attack at inception, before the malicious code actually arrives on the computer. If your Symantec antivirus produce displays a warning with this name, this is a good indication that the attack has been stopped."

Hope this answers your question.


Re: Virus detected

Thank you. I seem to remember a couple of months ago Norton blocking an attack when i visited a web page, I think the message popped up a number of times and i got off the website as quick as i could. I can't think where else it could have come from.

I usually run quick scans and it had been a while since i did a full scan. I looked at the virus details under quarantine options and as i said above it said Launched No. I presume that means i am ok and it didn't put anything else on my pc

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