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Virus Infection

Dell had to reset my computer to its original factory status due to viruses I had on my computer with Norton as my security.  What should I do to avoid this from happening again?  Does anyone know how to get back up files?



Re: Virus Infection

1hawgfanmault - Welcome to the Community and sorry to hear about your problem.  To get a little background information, what Norton Product and version number are you using?  What is your PC's Operating System with Service Packs?  Before your virus, were you running any other realtime protection programs?  Did Dell happen to tell you what virus they think you had?  Like a lot of other Posters might tell you, no one program will protect you from everything. 


Re: Virus Infection

I use a free program to image my hard drives.  In case of disaster, you can plug in a boot disc and restore the machine to an as it was condition.


There are several ways to remain uninfected:

1.  Keep all programs current and updated, including Windows, Adobe, Java among many others.

2.  Keep your antivirus product current.  Old versions are not as effective, although definitions are still being downloaded.

3.  No P2P sharing, like uTorrent, Limewire, Frostwire,

4.  Never click on any email that seems suspicious.  Treat them all as suspicious.

5.  Avoid clicking links on webpages.  Use copy and paste.

6.  Don't click on popups, use the escape button or Alt F4.

7.  Legal software only.  No cracks or keygens.

8.  Even then infections can still happen.  Nothing is perfect.

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