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VPN Blocked by Spectrum

I am running Norton VPN for Windows. I also use an internet provider (Spectrum) to get my mail. I can receive emails but cannot transmit emails to the Inet via Office 360. It appears that Spectrum is blocking me. If I turn off VPN I can transmit fine. Is there a way around this? Norton  ius at the current service level.



Re: VPN Blocked by Spectrum


Route applications using Split Tunnel in Norton Secure VPN

The Split Tunnel feature in Norton Secure VPN lets you route some of your app traffic through the VPN channel while other apps access the Internet directly.

The Split Tunnel feature is currently available on Norton 360, Norton Secure VPN app for Windows and Android only. - 06/02/2021

Caveat: not familiar with Spectrum nor Office 360


Re: VPN Blocked by Spectrum


Re: VPN Blocked by Spectrum

FWIW ~ @Hal9000

Spectrum Home Internet - Blocking VPN Connection?

So I'm a pretty new VPN user and about 6 months ago we started using ExpressVPN, and i've noticed that we were getting connection issues from time to time, and after switching over to Spectrums new modem, it seems to be even worse. Spectrum suggested that it might be our wifi router, but i'm skeptical. When we turn the vpn off, the connection is fine. yesterday, just to see if it was ExpressVPN, i'm doing a trial of NordVPN, and again, we are having connection issues, and when we turn the vpn off, no issues at all.

Have any of you had this issue, and if so, were you able to figure out what the problem was, and how were you able to remedy it? 

  • Time Warner Cable was a telecommunications company that rebranded its services under the Spectrum brand.
  • They were known for throttling their client's speed, but throttling can be fixed by a VPN.
  • However, it's worth mentioning that not all VPNs can swiftly dodge ISP throttling.
  • If you're having problems with Spectrum and your VPN, check out our guide and learn what you can do. 

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