VPN blocks Comcast email

Apple Mail app will not connect to Comcast Mail since installing Norton 360 on my Iphone. Odd since this was just a reinstallation after switching to AARP to get a discount. Same programs. Turn off the VPN and Comcast mail is pushed to my phone, no problem. I am now using my NORD VPN on my Iphone and Comcast Mail works with no problems. So if Norton VPN is going to continue to be a problem might be time to leave Norton after many years.



Re: VPN blocks Comcast email

Many web sites do not allow access from known VPN IP addresses. They do this for copyright, legal, security, and political reasons. There is nothing a VPN provider can or should do to circumvent these legal protections. See this How to Geeks article.   https://www.howtogeek.com/403771/why-do-some-websites-block-vpns/

It is possible that Nord VPN has IP addresses that are not detected by the web sites.

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