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VPN Disconnecting Home Internet

I just purchased a new laptop with Win 11 Home as the O/S.  The Norton VPN is now disconnecting my local WiFi therefore leaving me with no internet connection.

Tried all fixes I could find online, even removing and reinstalling Norton but nothing is fixing this issue.

In my old laptop (Win 10 O/S) everything worked fine and in the internet logo on screen showed my WiFi as connected and then above that my VPN info.

What is happening with this?



Re: VPN Disconnecting Home Internet

Sorry for your issues, but welcome to the club.  This issue has been effecting desktop users since March, with no solutions in sight.  Some say it's due to hacks by the CIA and FBI to track what they call seditious speach, but who really knows. One thing is for sure - there is no telling if Norton VPN is actually working or not, I'd recommend caution. 

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