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VPN exclusions

Recently was on a cruise and my wife and I were using our Android tablets (both running Norton 360 with VPN enabled) to log into the ship's local system to access the internet (via satellite).  After a lot of problems with connections dropping out, the IT help desk on board advised us to turn off VPN as that was a known source of the problem.  This worked, though we had to repeat every time we rebooted the tablets (which we were doing regularly to conserve charge). I've provided feedback to the cruise line to request they modify their systems to work with VPNs, however it occurred to me (and I've seen the sentiment echoed elsewhere) that it would be very beneficial if functionality could be added to allow users to permanently exclude particular sites from using VPNs (Netflix, etc) - far better to turn off for one site (preferably only where there is little or no risk) than to have to disable VPN completely.