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VPN - refund refused

I just clicked on a link to my email survey to rate customer service.  I received the email a few days ago, but it's already expired, so I'll post the issue here.  I guess Norton doesn't know that people have busy schedules.

Anyway, in late November or early December I decided to cancel Norton VPN.  I logged in and selected the options that I thought would do it.  Apparently, it didn't take, since I was charged again for it.  What I think happened is this:

After selecting cancel, the first screen has two options.  The top option (highlighted) is to continue to cancel the subscription.  The second option is to undo the cancellation.  Then we’re given a second screen, also with two options.  However, this time, the order is reversed.  The top option (highlighted) is to undo the cancellation.  The second option is to continue to cancel the subscription.  It’s easy to see how someone could be tricked into clicking the wrong option on the second screen.

I explained to the service representative and her supervisor that I thought the process could be considered misleading.  (The supervisor said she isn't even familiar with the process.)  I explained that I had intended to cancel the product, that I thought I had cancelled it, that I uninstalled it from my computer, and that I had not used it since.

The charge was posted to my bank on December 24th.  I noticed it on January 1st and called the same day.  The customer service representative and the supervisor each told me that there was nothing they could do because refunds are not available after seven days.  They told me I could read the terms myself.  They didn't care that I had uninstalled the product and not used it since the day I thought it was cancelled.  [Norton's own website says:  "Norton products (including subscriptions and Automatic Renewals) may be refunded within 60 days of the purchase date."]

Norton, you got your $11, but I have serious questions about doing business with a company that tricks people into undoing their cancellation and then refuses to refund money that is requested within the proper time window.



Re: VPN - refund refused

If you were speaking with genuine Norton Support, I would try again. Another agent may have a different slant on the situation, and could process the refund.  www.norton.com/contactcs

As for the process you describe, I too cannot see the options you mention. But that may be because I have annual subscriptions and have Auto Renew turned off. Also, the Norton Account web site has changed again recently, and I cannot find many of the options that used to be there.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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