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VPN Refuse to connect

This is a continuation of my 2017 VPN problems.

I have not used VPN since because of my various problems so in September 2021 I tried VPN again to see if any progress has been made on its stability issues. I have it installed as part of Norton 360 Lifelock on 2 PCs and 2 Android phones. It worked great on all devices. It came up and ran great. I could bring it up and down with no apparent problems. That problem has been solved.

However once I brought VPN down I started getting error messages on Chrome and Edge - "Failure to connect" on my PCs. Online did not work, even though  the network adapters said I had online access. Brought up VPN again and all problems went away, brought VPN down and problems returned. I went through many hours with Norton Level 2 and they couldn't resolve anything.

I did find a work around. When VPN was down and I was getting "Failure to connect" errors, I unplugged the router for a few moments and plugged it back in. All problems went away - until I brought up VPN and turned it off. The problems reappeared. Recycled the router and problems gone.

What I think is happening is that VPN is setting something up in the router when it starts, but fails to clean everything up when it stops. Years ago, when Norton VPN first came out, I vaguely remember there was a router setting that was supposed to be set for VPN. I don't know if that still applies or not.

I would like this fixed. I don't use VPN all the time, but I would still be able to switch back and forth.

I'm now using Windows 10 and Norton 360 Lifelock.