VPN restricting some web access sites

With VPN enable I can't access ""??


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Re: VPN restricting some web access sites

How to Enter ASUS WiFi Router Settings page?
Follow the steps below to login to the web GUI:

1. Before logging-in to the router web GUI, please make sure the router is powered on and the LED light is on and stable. Also, please connect your computer to the router (either wired or wirelessly).

2. Enter the LAN IP address of the router in browser. Ex: Http://

If you don't know the IP address, try to type: http: // router.asus. com  in your browser

If you forgot the router IP address, please refer to the Asus Device Discovery Utility to find the IP address based on your operating system. Please refer to [FAQ ASUS Device Discovery] to learn more.

Route applications using Split Tunnel in Norton Secure VPN
The Split Tunnel feature in Norton Secure VPN lets you route some of your app traffic through the VPN channel while other apps access the Internet directly. - 06/02/2021

Learn why media streaming services or apps do not work when connected to Norton Secure VPN
Some streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Showtime, offer geo-restricted content that makes it unavailable in certain regions. These services also block the content if they detect a VPN, a proxy, or an unblocker service as a method to bypass the geo-restrictions. - 04/08/2021

Why Do Some Websites Block VPNs?
One of the only ways to protect your right to privacy and information online is to use a VPN. Some websites infringe on those rights by blocking VPNs, but they do it for a good reason.

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