VPN Services - Need more information on auto connect

CORE ISSUE: Norton 360 - VPN (Integrated into 360) vs Norton VPN (Separate Service):
   ALSO: Password Manager should not be blocked from server by VPN Service (Integrated or Separate)

I am frustrated with the new Norton 360 VPN Service which is 'automatically' turned OFF at start-up of WIndows 10.  Your Customer Services explained to me that the average users had complained that their connections speeds were slowed by the VPN (and so on).  So, Norton 360 Developers decided in their wisdom to have the VPN Service OFF at Windows 10 Start-Up and the user must MANUALLY toggle VPN Services to ON every time you wish to engage the VPN Service.  As I have a 73-yo mother, I get the reason that developers would do have this as the default installation setting for the average user.  HOWEVER, I am shocked that there is NOT a Settings Option that would allow advanced users to set their VPN Service to be ON at Start-Up and would need to toggle the VPN Service to OFF when they wished to disable the VPN Service.  With my computer, I prefer (as I am sure many of your users who travel or work on the road or connect to various work-related websites) to have the VPN Service ON at System Start-Up (and then toggle the VPN Service OFF when needed) when the user wants to disable the VPN Service.

While I do understand the reason you decided to have the default set-up have the VPN toggle to OFF when the system starts (given the complaints and average users needs), I cannot understand the reason you have not included the ability to reverse this process in the settings section for advanced users.

In conclusion, I would like to request that you include that features in the setting in a your updates as you have plenty of other advance user features nested away in the settings and it makes a lot of sense that your advanced users should be able to reverse the default for the VPN in the settings section (so the VPN is ON when the computer boots up and starts and you must manually switch OFF the VPN).


I wanted to mention that this entire issue became an issue when LifeLock and VPN were integrated and my Password Manager began being hampered by the separate VPN Service (the non-integrated software option that was being used prior to integrating VPN Service). In the old days, VPN Service (Non-Integrated) was always on and Password Manager appeared to get a passthrough and worked just fine on my iPhone.

Now, I run into problems when the VPN Services is ON because the Password Manager say it is unable "to connect to the server."  I cannot get the Password Manager to connect to the server so I can Approve Password use on Desktop/Laptop without having to go into the VPN and toggle the services off to connect to the server.  It is an inconvenient multi-step process that should be avoidable.

SUMMARY:  I want VPN Setting to have VPN turned ON at start-up (through settings) and to have the Password Manager be able to reach the server so I can use the Finger Print Reader and Approve EVEN WITH VPN TURNED ON (whether it gets passthrough permission or the VPN turns-off momentarily for the Password Manager to reach the server to allow me a simple 1-STEP process for Password Approval when using my Desktop/Laptop.  In short, Norton products should talk to one another and work in a seamless fashion - I should not have to turn on-off products and have multi-step process for Password Approval.

I know you can do these things as things worked fine prior to integration of LifeLock & VPN into 360.  You should be able to make it work like it did prior.  Thanks, in advance, for your time and effort in addressing this short-coming of your software,  

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Re: VPN Services - Need more information on auto connect

EAP build recently added VPN 4.1 Auto-Connect feature.  
Hopefully, release build will soon see Norton Secure VPN 4.1 integrated, with Auto-Connect, Kill Switch and Split Tunnel features. 

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