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This forum thread needs a solution.

VPN slowdown and unwanted attacks


I installed VPN the other day and network performance is now dire - see attached PNGs.

When I turn it off, I get repeat attacks, which Norton intercepts.

I really wanted VPN for my tablet, as I will be travelling abroad and want UK type access.  It seems to work on that.

My desktop is as the .PNGs show.  I spoke with your Chat Room the other day and they advised purging task manager of VPN and re-installing.  Please re-assure this will work and that my desktop performance will return to my expected level.


Nick Giles



Re: VPN slowdown and unwanted attacks

Have you done the speed tests on your tablet? What kind of speeds do you see there?

Try power cycling your modem and router, then test again.

For the warning message from Norton. Open your Norton Product and double click on the Security pillar. Then click on History. Scroll through the recent history to find the entry for that message. Double click on that to bring up more information on the detection. Post a screenshot of that page so we can see what is being detected.   

Instructions to post screenshots can be found here

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: VPN slowdown and unwanted attacks

I bought Norton 360 that comes with VPN and a "Hidden Network" shows up that is PUBLIC and there is no way to switch it two private or remove it.  I was using a lan cable to my modem/router.

I could not get Everquest to work on my computer and the network was seriously slowed down to a crawl.

I will try your suggestion.

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