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VPN Split Tunnel whitelist vs blacklist

The Secure VPN included in Norton 360 for Windows is a great tool, but speed is too low (less than 100 Mbps) and too limiting for general use with fibre optic broadband.

I see there's an option called "Split tunnel" to exclude some apps from the secure VPN.

But I would like to do just the opposite: is it possible to include just some apps in the secure VPN, and exclude all the others not in the list? *

If it's not possible, may I suggest to consider adding it to next versions?

Alternatively, I'd like to add the VPN directly to a browser instead of enabling system-wide. This would even solve another related problem: using the VPN in Linux, where Norton 360 can't be installed.

* Reason is I would like to use the VPN only for one app: a specific browser that I use for banking and other sensitive logins, without having to manually exclude every other app (all the other browsers; thunderbird; filezilla; winscp; dropbox; google drive; zoom; telegram; whatsapp; rambox; windows update; every other app that needs to auto-update... you see the list is very long and impratical).



Re: VPN Split Tunnel whitelist vs blacklist

I'm not sure that any Split Tunnel feature for any VPN works the way you want.

If you are using this computer from home with a properly secured router with a strong Wifi password, a VPN does not add any extra security. You only need the VPN for unsecured public wifi hotspots.

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