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Hi folks


I am urgently in need of contributors with access to WinXP and Norton 360 v2 to test out a few issues please. Even if you are not a regular contributor and have come to this forum for help, and even if you are still waiting to be helped or have received a "fix" you could help me and others, if you would spend just a little time, trying out some issues or providing some data. Your Country needs you and so do we !

At this moment there are the following issues against which I welcome input:-


1. A problem with IE7 toolbars once Norton toolbar is active. Thread link here.

2. Backups taking place when not scheduled. I have backups taking place outside of the times designated by scheduled tasks. Link here

3. Liveupdate taking place every hour, and PC Security and Tuneups with AV scans not taking place when scheduled. Link here

4. Low risk threats not being ignored or capable of being excluded and / or tracking cookies. Thread is linked here

5. Shutdown workaround. Nobody every checkout what happens if you undo the shutdown workarounds and just leave the zombie workaround. With just zombie workaround does one still have a shutdown issue? Thread is linked here

6. Zero scan files in Scan Details and time only 1 or 2 seconds. I need to see if it can be demonstrated that this arises when the machine is entirely idle.  Link here



If you decide to accept this mission(s), you will not be disavowed. I need you to check out the problem or report your own findings. Screen captures are most welcome. If you do not understand you can ask and advice will be given. Its a challenge to you to help us prove whether this is a common problem to some users or just a problem one or two users are experiencing for some reason. Ideally I am looking for a hand full of contributors to each area, although anyone is welcome to comment or join in.


TO: The more experienced contributors and Symantec staff


In each of the forums which I have linked to above, your help at least in helping others to understand the problem and carry out the necessary steps would be appreciated. In short with 6 tasks, and 4 new threads I cant do it all on my own.