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Warn setting navigates to blocked sites on oops back

  This problem was documented on the attached link but obviously not resolved.  Link

It needs to NOT take you to the blocked site when choose "Oops -- GO BACK".  (It should go to the previous web page, not the BLOCKED SITE!

The fact that this obvious bug which breaks the whole point of your software has been left unfixed for over six months is not a good sign.  NOTE that if you choose "block" instead of "warn", it works properly.  Please fix this ASAP!



Re: Warn setting navigates to blocked sites on oops back

Hi jbeach3,

Thanks for the post.  I am able to reproduce what you described and understand your concern.  I'll report this to the team. 

Please help us to understand this better.  Can you please explain since you don't want to be able to access the websites that are blocked or warned, why don't you select #2 option at Settings -> Web online instead #1 at Settings -> Web online?

1. Give a warning but allow Dane to access the site anyway

2. Block the site

3. Monitor Only (All web blocking turned off)



Thanks Katie

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