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Warranty Experience

I purchased a Norton Core Router in Early 2016.  It worked well until December 26th, 2017 when the Wi-Fi failed. When trying to reach support, there was no answer after being on hold multiple times for 2 days. Turns out their servers were down and they were unable to respond. When I finally reached them on the 28th to discuss the issue I was put through a complete initialization process of the router that included renaming and starting from scratch. This fixed my problem temporarily. It failed again on the 29th. I went through the same process of initialization again and it worked for a short period of time, again. When it failed again on the 30th, same problem, I called in to tech support to request a replacement. They told me I needed to initialize it again, give them 48 hours to determine if there was a problem and then they would "get back to me". Obviously Tech support has procedures they follow, but in this case 3 failures in 4 days was not enough proof to them that the modem was broken. It took escalation to a supervisor to get them to do an exchange. I am now awaiting their email that alerts me to the actual exchange occurring. It did arrive while I was writing this email so I hope that all works smoothly.

Norton Support: If you are reading and listening to your subscribers it would be a good idea to take a look at how you handle failed units and how you interact with your Norton Core customers. I have been a subscriber of your security products for a long time. I have had issues that were remedied quickly for the Internet Security products, unfortunately your support for the Core Router was difficult to say the least. 



Re: Warranty Experience

Hello John Here is the official statement concerning the recent Core cloud DNS issues. I believe you, as most all Core owners are experiencing. Myself included. Current and future announcement will be posted at the link below: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-core-issue-internet-connection-keeps-disconnecting

If the new Core experiences issues is it currently because the above issue is the problem. You can follow some of the Core threads here where most are posting. There are some work around's posted:




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