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This forum thread needs a solution.

Was: Language Help, Settings in German Now: might have missed some steps?

Hi all,

I have a bit of a special case.  I am English but we live in Germany. I signed myself up for Norton Family, and everything is in English, perfect. 

My daughter is fluent in German, its her main language and her android phone is set to German. My first language is English and i thought i could fumble through the german, but it clearly doesn't work.

The version that downloaded onto her phone is German, and i can't see a way to change it to english so that i can set it up properly.  All i can do is guess at what is what as i follow the online tutorials.  But then i checked for her location and a few other tests but it says that Norton Family is not set up as administrator in her phone.  The other tests is that while she could browse using the Norton Family browser, why would she when Chrome and Google still work for her without monitoring?

Does anyone know i can either 1) change the settings of Norton Family so that it is in english on her phone? OR 2) navigate me through the german words to set it up?

I hope someone can help!

Update: I changed her entire phone OS into English, so now Norton is in english as well.  However, it is still not monitoring anything correctly.  When i click on her name on my browser, it lists her phone and says "Issue detected" and when i click on that, it says  


An Unexpected System Error Occurred

We can't display your information at this time. Please try again later.

Error Request Id: 88307a75-cf64-4c14-8878-8860837e99af"

When i log into my parent account ON her phone, it is not detecting any activity at all.  So i am guessing i might have missed some set up steps and something is awry, but i am not sure how to fix it. 



Re: Was: Language Help, Settings in German Now: might have missed some steps?

Ok i am starting to get really irritated.  Here is where i am at:

-I deinstalled and reinstalled Norton Family on my daughters phone (Huawei P8Lite)

-I logged in with my account and it asked me to change accessibility settings.  I did

-It asked me to designate the device to the child.  I did.

-It congratulated me and said everything was in order and now i can monitor it and switched to child mode browser.

I then go to my laptop and open up Norton Family.  My children's names are there as i originally set them up, including the one i associated with the Huawei Phone.  It says "no device associated".

I have gone through this in circles and don't understand what the problem is.  

Someone please please help, or else I will just give up.  Good thing i didn't purchase this yet, the instructions are pretty sparse.  

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