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Watch Fake Java Update For Free

Here, I just wanna unveil the truth of a "Fake Java Update" attack. You might be able to reproduce another adware + hijackware attack by visiting BrotherSoft com, without using any virus protection. The following content is for information purposes or malware study only. Do it in yr own test-&-development environment like VMware station or sandbox.


(Review previous info here.)

Below are some cyber related terms:

  • Malvertising: the (ab)use of an e-ad (online advertising) to spread malware. When it comes to said fake "Java/ Flash Update" malware, we cannot miss out some stubborn/ "hard-to-clean" riskware like browser hijackware. Examples are, the newly detected "Install Faster New Tab", Conduit Toolbar / Conduit Search Protect, Ask(.com) Toolbar / Search App by Ask / WeatherBug for Windows / MindSpark.
  • FakeAlerts/ Drive-by Download/ Downware/Custom Installer/ Adware attack/ Bundleware infection (due to affiliate spam or CPI): what to expect when an inexperienced user direct running the download of so-called JavaSetup (MD5, c2ef50a45cc9dc329058734014098ae6) from Aazing Software Products company? And when the "recommendation" (updating system drivers) is much more worse than the mentioned problemS, how to handle with Slimware's DriverUpdate, Reimage Repair?

Oh, I too want to say Thank You for the following "Thank you page"@ http://piroga[dot]space/pages/pj/typ.html?subid=bb8d72ee14f64ff587e2e01dcbb2e6e8&cc=US&brw=other&oslang=en&osver=10.0

PUP Hunter PRO: Just TRYING to save the world (U) from cyber threats, A single blog post, at a time, and ONCE & FOR ALL. (A fan of Nadia_Kovacs)


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Re: Watch Fake Java Update For Free

The key thing is not to install Java to be begin with.

Semper ubi sub ubi

Re: Watch Fake Java Update For Free

Hehe, one had better ignore or direct shut down such a misleading pop-up/ fake LP (landing page); more, go to other better & clean software download websites - never put all your trust on big names. BTW, I have not got Java installed yet!

Below is another fake Adobe Flash Player malware while updating this thread:

Frequently, the downloaded adware installer could trigger junkware infection easily. Another example is, I too found the following risky promoted results from Yahoo!.

Detected bundleware are: WarThunder, StormFall.

Additional recommendation: DriverSupport (aka, Driver Support)

Take care...

PUP Hunter PRO: Just TRYING to save the world (U) from cyber threats, A single blog post, at a time, and ONCE & FOR ALL. (A fan of Nadia_Kovacs)

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