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WAV files won't back up

I use Norton 360 to protect the computer from viruses etc, and to regularly back up folders of files to an external hard drive.  Norton itself tells me my 360 is fully up to date.   From time to time I down-load .rar files, which I then convert to .WAV files using "BitZipper".  Sometimes I also convert other music files to .WAV using "AVS Audio Converter".  Norton 360 refuses to back-up some folders of .WAV files, stating it cannot read them.  As far as I can tell, these are files that have been converted from .rar by "BitZipper", although some may have been converted from .MP3 or .WMA by "AVS Audio Converter".  Is there something odd about the way either of these converter programmes converts to WAV which may cause reading problems for Norton 360, or is the problem with Norton 360 itself - or is there another explanation?  I would welcome help from anyone who has had this or a similar problem, and solved it.  Thanks